Bryanne and Ewan

Our experience of birth was very different to what we had imagined as our son (Ewan) had a calm entrance to the world. Before our one to one home sessions I had a fear of having my blood taken and had to have numbing cream every time. The techniques were easy to follow and practice, which allowed me to prepare for the most amazing event.

The night before birth we had been for a takeaway where I ate far too much, throughout the night I was uncomfortable and was feeling really full! I sat in the nursing chair and fell in and out of light sleep, feeling very embarrassed I told my husband in the morning that the baby was obviously laying on my bladder as I had an accident in the night! I didn't feel hundred percent but said that I would just have a chilled out day and that he should go to work. He decided that he would stay at home and ran a bath for me to relax in. With that he began to cook himself a fried breakfast. After being in the bath for a while and realising that I was having surges that I was breathing through them well, we decided to ring the hospital. After my husband had explained the situation the midwife asked to speak to me so she could see how I was feeling. Listening to my breathing she asked if I could think about coming in to hospital soon as my breathing made it clear that I was having contractions 1 in 5.

Once we got to hospital and in my room the midwife did an initial assessment and said that the baby was the wrong way and I would need an emergency caesarean as the baby was breach. I didn't agree as the head had been down since the beginning, my husband didn't agree and asked for a second opinion. The doctor came and said I was defiantly in labour, baby was head down and I just needed to be fully dilated which in his words would "be hours yet" as only four centimetres. The left me to relax and said they would come back in few hours. My surges were getting stronger and within short period I was ready to push down. I told my midwife and she replied saying "you're not in enough pain, you can't be ready yet". A new midwife appeared to introduce herself as she was new on shift and as I explained previously that I was ready, she suggested that I got on to the bed to for her to observe. I decided that this was best and as she put on her glove to check she said she could see the head and I could push when I was ready. "Go girl, go" were here encouraging words, which urged me on. After using my down breathing for a while and making progress they said that my contractions were not very strong and that if I don't get it out soon the doctor will want to come and use forceps. Hubby said that I wouldn't need it and that I was doing great, continuously encouraging and supporting me. I was more determined to get the baby out independently and the midwife kept reassuring me saying "we don't need those doctors, we can do it". I soon had a natural birth with a few puffs of gas and air and the end, especially during the stitching of my tear.

My labour was five hours in total and found the experience calm and better than we had ever imagined. The stitches were horrendous and very painful however my labour was a controllable uncomfort. From looking back next time I think I tore because I was coached through the second stage rather than left naturally. My husband was amazingly supportive and strong for me and continually told everyone afterwards how proud he was of me.

The hypno birthing experience allowed us to share the emotions and allow our baby to enter the world serenely and safely. I highly recommend hypnobirthing to anyone who is feeling anxious about birth as the techniques, when practised are beneficial and the most natural, compared to what the medical staff explain as well as many people's experience of pain.