Bryanne and Brody

As my first birth went so well I was worried that this birth wasn't going to be as good and for that reason we had a refresher course with Nancy. Following this made me feel more confident and even more determined to have similar or better birth. This was exactly what happened and here is my story to explain more.

At 4am I had a bit of tummy ache and couldn't go to the toilet I then went back to bed. My husband (Giles) asked if I thought I was in labour and I responded "don't be silly, course not!" he cuddled me, still questioning my response but we went back to sleep. My son woke at 5.50am and came in bed where we all chilled until 6am when we came downstairs. Giles began making breakfast and I went to the bathroom where my waters then broke on the toilet, I shouted "you were right my waters just broke". We laughed and that it was convenient with no mess.

Giles dropped our son off at 6.45am to our friends who were going to have him while I went to hospital. Meanwhile I had a bath and had on some music which was helping me relax. By 7.45 I realised I hadn't checked the time between my surges, we counted and found they were 1 in 3 so we proceeded to ring the hospital.

After Giles and myself spoke to the midwife she suggested that we went soon as labour proceeding quickly. I got out the bath after 5/6 attempts as every time I had a surge I wanted to stay in. Giles finally managed to get me out and I got to the lounge and sat on the sofa where I attempted to get dressed. I felt like soon I would need to push and told giles that I wouldn't make the hospital. He was very supportive and got my phone to ring midwife, I explained situation and she told me she was on way to clinic and couldn't help, but if I thought was a real emergency to ring ambulance.

With that Giles instantly rang 999 and a lady explained what to do and was very clear, helpful and encouraging. Giles moved the ball pool and garage toys out the way so I could lie on floor on my dressing gown with cushion under head with the hypnobirthing cd playing. We both stayed calm and the lady was continually checking on our progress. Giles could see the head crowning but stayed calm and kept saying he couldn't see the whole head.

Within 10 minutes the ambulance arrived and bought all equipment in however they said they would assess then take me to hospital. He was checking his watch while talking and other man assessed me. Quickly they said "it's 1 in 2, we having this baby here!" They were very reassuring and constantly asking if I was ok, he told me that when I felt ready he was ready for me to push. Within seconds I gave a little squeeze and his head was born and then another squeeze and the rest of the body was born. We then had lots of skin to skin and cuddles until the midwife arrived and gently pulled the placenta out. She was happy with me and baby and so once all the paperwork was done we were left alone waiting for our son to come home and be a family. The ambulance men said that they couldn't believe how calm we were throughout and that they never thought I was about to give birth when they arrived.

The experience of being at home was lovely and chilled, not at all messy as we thought and was great when our son came home that we could all be together rather than Giles going back and forth to hospital. The only negative was that there wasn't people to come and check on you like they do in hospital and we had lots of washing but the positives override!!

Again would like to thank Nancy for her course and support as I would never have been able to achieve what I did without her!