What is hypnobirthing?

KG Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal course which will prepare you for birth and parenthood.

The worst thing about hypobirthing is the word 'hypno' birthing, many will immediately think of stage hypnosis, where people are encouraged to do silly things,such as cluck like a chicken, or otherwise seem not in control of their behaviour. The hypno of hypnobirthing is from hypnotherapy, and we use these techniques in two main ways. Firstly we use hypnotherapy techniques to learn how to get into a deep state of relaxation. This is the state that our body prefers to be in during labour. We also use hypnotherapy in a more traditional sense - fear release and confidence building. We use this in preparation for birth to reduce the fears many of us have about labour and birth and build confidence that our bodies are designed for this amazing process.

Benefits for Mum

  • KGHypnobirthing allows you to work with your body, as nature designed
  • KGHypnobirthing allows you to experience a calm and comfortable birth
  • While using hypnobirthing techniques you are less likely to need pain relief
  • KGHypnobirthing increases your confidence in your own ability to birth naturally
  • KGHypnobirthing helps you to prepare for whatever happens during labour and birth
  • KGHypnobirthing helps you to have a positive birthing experience

Benefits for Dad/Partner

  • Builds an understanding of the physical processes involved in birth, thereby helping to understand what mum is experiencing
  • Can bring you closer to mum as you practice together
  • Gives partner a 'real' job during labour, not just a helpless bystander
  • The making of a baby is a partnership, the bringing up of the child is a partnership and KGHypnobirthing fosters partnership during the pregnancy and birth too

Benefits for Baby

  • Babies who are born using KGHypnobirthing show less distress during birth
  • KGHypnobirthing babies are often very alert after birth
  • KGHypnobirthing babies are often calmer babies

Will hypnobirthing help me?

Everyone can benefit from KG hypnobirthing and although hypnobirthing does not guarantee a 'perfect birth', it always makes a difference. Fear release exercises reduce anxiety, allowing your body to work as nature intended.

KG hypbobirthing is beneficial whatever birth you have, whether it be a home, water birth, a hospital birth or a planned caesarean section, as the focus is on achieving the birth that is right for you, whatever the circumstances surrounding your pregnancy and birth.

The KG hypnobirthing course teaches all of the techniques needed to ensure a calm and serene birth. Both partners are encouraged to participate in relaxation and breathing exercises, therefore both benefit from the feelings of wellbeing that are elicited.