• I'm not afraid of birth anymore! I am SO excited now!'


  • I was so glad I did the hypnobirthing course as Nancy made me realise that birth is an amazing, natural experience which can be approached with confidence and positivity.'


  • The hypnobirthing techniques allowed me to feel calm and in control throughout my labour.'


  • Hypnobirthing also gave my husband a crucial role during labour and beforehand which brought us closer.'


  • Nancy's belief in the techniques and the fact she has used hypnobirthing with all three children instils further confidence that you can do it too... and I did!'


  • Thank you so much Nancy for helping us to have such a wonderful birth experience.'


  • We had a lovely baby boy yesterday morning. it was all normal and thanks to you, hypnobirthing did really work!'


  • Thank you for helping me to have the birth I wanted - Ollie was born calmly and I was able to stay chilled out!'


  • Hypnobirthing made me feel a lot more prepared.'


  • I had never heard of hypnobirthing before, but was eager to learn more, as the idea of relying on too many drugs for pain relief wasn't to my liking.'


  • Despite how things went hypnobirthing is a really useful skill that I am very pleased I took the time to learn. During the C-section I used it as I found the process stressful.'


  • The midwives commented on how calm and collected I was and said that it was a real shock for them, as they are used to screaming women and being shouted at.'


  • There's no hocus pocus with it, it's a really good coping mechanism for birthing.'


  • As her hypnobirthing partner there was something I could do. I was able to have an active and valued part in the birth.'


  • Baby is calm and mommy is too.'


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